How To Make A Bandeau Bra? – Step By Step Guide Updated in 2021

How To Make A Bandeau Bra

We all enjoy how well a bandeau bra stretches and how comfortable it is to wear. However, there’s more than meets the eye with this simple piece of clothing. Let’s take a look at how to make a bandeau bra. In addition, how you should use it correctly. All of these inquiries are covered throughout this writeup. Stay tuned.

Steps To Follow

While making your own bandeau bra you need to follow several steps. Such as,

Step 1

First of all, you must take the main piece which is called a bandeau. Then you have to fold it in half with right sides facing each other. You are supposed to sew along the edge except for where the strap begins and ends so that it creates a band.

Step 2

Afterward, you need to turn it inside out. Now ensure that the raw edges are placed inside while you leave the other end open. You should use a zigzag stitch to secure all of it.

Step 3

Now, take your piece of elastic. Cut it in half so that you get two pieces. They have to be similar in length. Next, place them along both edges about an inch below the neckline. Be sure to use a zigzag stitch on them as well.

Step 4

Take both straps and sew one end onto each side of the bandeau at the top edge. Make sure that you are doing it on both sides. Then, take your thread. Sew it into a circle that is right in the center.

Step 5

Now, you should cut out the second piece of elastic. It must be equal in length to the other one and place it between your first two layers. Be sure to leave an inch at the top open so you can turn it inside out later on. Use a zigzag stitch to secure all of it together as you did in the other case.

Step 6

Now that you finished with your bandeau bra, sew all of the raw edges and ensure that they are closed completely before turning it inside out. Afterward, use a zigzag stitch to make sure it’s turned right side out. Also, you can cut off any loose threads and trim up the edges.

Step 7

You are now ready to use your bandeau bra. Put it on for comfort and style. Be sure that everything is correct before you adjust the straps accordingly.

As you can see, it’s not that hard to make a bandeau bra by yourself at all especially if you know what you are doing. If you are not good at it, then just use the old fashion way of covering up your breasts by tying a sarong around your neckline. Moreover, for those who are interested in buying bandeau bras instead of making them, consider shopping online.

Additional Tips

There are also added some extra tips and tricks for how to keep your new creation in shape and how to save time during the whole process and perhaps even money.

Firstly, you should know that a bandeau bra offers some volume control while being an excellent option for wearing under strapless or tube tops. Just keep in mind that it provides no lift. The cups are not there to provide support either. In other words, your breasts will still be saggy unless you make some changes regarding their appearance.

Secondly, you may want to choose a fabric like cotton or even mesh that is lightweight and breathable for your bandeau bra. For example, avoid using stretchy fabrics for this type of project because they tend to lose their shape more easily after getting wet. Since it’s already such a simple clothing item, you don’t need any extra problems with it.

Thirdly, you don’t have to use a sewing machine for this project unless you really want to. You can just as easily tie every piece together and even use fabric glue if needed. It may take a bit more time. Nevertheless, it is a super easy method.

Eventually, you should know that making your own bandeau bra might be fun but you can also get many benefits from buying one. The best thing about them is that they already fit correctly. The sizes are standardized so you just need to pick up your favorite color or design.


Here are more added frequently asked questions and answers. Take a look so that you can get a complete idea about how to make a bandeau bra.

Are bandeau bras healthy?

Bandeau bras are just as healthy as any other type of bra, assuming that you buy a quality one. Be sure to check how it is made and what materials have been used in order to determine whether or not it’s good for your health.

When should I wear a bandeau bra?

You should wear bandeau bras when you want to keep your upper body covered but without having too many layers of clothing on it. When you wear such a bra, the most important parts will be exposed and that is enough for keeping yourself cool and comfortable all day long.

Is it good to wear bandeau bras during summer?

If you like them then it’s always a good idea to wear bandeau bras during the summer. They are lightweight and breathable so they won’t add much heat to your body at all.

Is it possible to make a bandeau bra?

Yes, you can definitely make a bandeau bra for yourself by following our tutorial closely. All you need is some fabric, thread, and a needle plus some time to spare. Basic knowledge of how to sew is also helpful but not entirely necessary.

How do I know if my bandeau bra fits properly?

If you are wearing the right size then it should fit comfortably without any problems. It’s important that the cups are well adjusted because otherwise, they will not provide enough support for your breasts.

What is the difference between bandeau bras and balconette bras?

Bandeau bras are much simpler than balconette bras because they don’t offer any uplift or extra support. They basically only take they may provide the breast too much support which can lead to health problems.

Will my bra pop out if I bend down?

No, your bra won’t pop out if you are bending over or even laying on your back. This is perfectly normal and it shouldn’t bother you in any way unless you really want it to be different. It’s also very unlikely that any other problem can occur.

What are the benefits of wearing a bandeau bra?

Wearing a bandeau bra has several benefits, including keeping yourself cool and comfortable in the summertime. Be sure to pick up your favorite color or design for this type of clothing item unless you want to make it by yourself.

What are the downsides of bandeau bras?

Bandeau bras have many benefits, but they also have their own set of downsides to consider. For example, you may find that it’s actually not very comfortable to wear one all day long even though you might not experience any problems at first.

Are bandeau bras costly to shop from online?

Many bandeau bras are actually available for very low prices from online retailers. Look around until you find a good deal and then perhaps even pick up more than one at the same time for extra savings.


To sum up, making your own bandeau bra really isn’t that hard and probably, everyone can do it even if you don’t have any previous experience with sewing. It’s just important that you use the right materials and follow all of our instructions to get yourself ready for wearing it as soon as possible.

Hope this article was helpful to learn how to make a Bandeau bra. So, don’t forget to share it with your buddies as well. If you have any other queries regarding different types of bras and their usage or anything else in mind then feel free to write us in the comments section below. Cheers!

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