Aerie Bra Size vs Victoria Secret – The Best Info in 2021

Aerie Bra Size vs Victoria Secret

Nowadays, the Aerie bra size vs Victoria secret is a very popular subject in the lingerie industry.

A lot of women want to know how they can attain the beautiful bra size seen on models.

So here you will find out all information to help yourself look and feel better.

Aerie Bra Size vs Victoria Secret

First of all, aerie bra size differs from Victoria’s Secret’s sizing. The aerie bras exude a more natural representation of real bodies whereas VS bras are made for fantasy bodies that don’t exist in nature and have been edited/photoshopped to fit the ideal aesthetic that they wish to sell to their customers (a lot of padding).

A big difference between aerie bras and Victoria’s Secret bras is the sizing. Aerie sizes go up to a DD cup, whereas VS bras from a DDD cup. For a more realistic option, consider Aerie and its new aerie real collection (Aerie size range here). VS may be the more affordable of the two options for bras, but it isn’t as supportive.

Aerie’s actual bra size is one of the most popular and well-known brands in the world now, aerie bras are also known as being some of the best t-shirt bras you can get because they have no padding or pushup abilities and aren’t made for showing off cleavage but rather are great for everyday wear. They don’t scratch your skin like other bras do and actually feel pleasant while wearing them!

The aerie models are naturally built so most of them are petite and have aerie breast size which is 34B although aerie bras go up to a DD cup. Victoria’s Secret supermodels are famously known for having an aerie bra size of 32DD while VS models tend to be taller with fuller bodies as well as having aerie breast sizes of 32E/F or larger.

Aerie bras come in many different styles ranging from your everyday T-shirt bra, balconette bra, push-up bra, etc. Just like Victoria’s secret aerie bras also come in many different colors and patterns that fit anyone’s taste! They may even have special collections such as the Holiday collection that are available only once a year which has a lot of cute designs fit for any girl during the Holiday season. aerie bras are even made of natural fibers which aerie shoppers appreciate!

Aerie bras also come in many different varieties such as the lacy aerie bra that is extremely popular this year or just a simple aerie strapless bra to give your outfit the perfect finish for any special occasion or holiday costume! aerie is an all-around great company with very cute and trendy styles at affordable prices, aerie bras are definitely worth buying.

When it comes to your aerie breast size, aerie models tend to have smaller busts than Victoria’s Secret supermodels because they are naturally built so more aerie models have a 34B bust while most Victoria’s Secret supermodels are 32DD/E/F (see aerie models here ) . aerie bras also have many different styles whereas VS has a certain style that they stick to. aerie even offers you the ability to customize any bra to your aerie breast size for free! aerie bras are definitely more realistic and natural than Victoria’s Secret.

Aerie vs. Victoria’s Secret: What is the aerie bra size? aerie bra size vs victoria secret – aerie bras go up to DD cup while VS goes up to DDD cup which makes aerie bras much better since there is less padding and more support (which means no back pain). Other than this, aerie bras are also known for being very comfortable in contrast with Victoria’s Secret because they don’t scratch or dig into your skin (which means for aerie models not having aerie breast size 34DD that aerie bras don’t scratch their aerie breast size causing them aerie model back pain).

Aerie bras are much more comfortable, natural, and realistic than Victoria’s Secret. aerie models have aerie breast sizes like 34B which is a more accurate representation of real women since they aren’t photoshopped and are edited to have an unrealistic body image.


The aerie bra size is definitely worth the purchase!

I hope you found this article helpful! At the fashion spot, we work hard to help you look as amazing as possible. When it comes to getting ready for any occasion, there are many factors to consider. Aerie bras being one of them. Aerie bra vs Victoria Secret bra sizes which is fit better? We think it’s Victoria’s Secret. Aerie bra is perfect for another reason.

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